World Over Capital

World Over Capital are fund managers, based in Australia, the British Virgin Islands, and Hong Kong. We chose an ocean image for the home page to symbolise the fact that fund management is a little like fishing in open waters; is a tough business, requiring skill, courage, tenacity and perseverance.

We also used various fisherman images throughout the site; the analogy being that fishermen need to have a close understanding of all the prevailing elements; the water, wind, and weather, and that a good fisherman can consistently net value in a constantly changing environment.

The site also needed to function as a private membership site, where World Over Capital investors can log in and view protected content, such as Quarterly reports and Performance charts.

As the directors are in three different time zones, approval of this site took a little longer than usual, however the result in spectacular. Unsolicited client feedback email shortly after the site went live:

“GREAT feedback for the site by the way – people are liking it!! – and better than the top hedgefunds’ websites around the globe!!”

We also created a custom logo to the client’s specifications, plus beautiful business cards and letterheads, based on their branding. The website is equipped with an award-winning CMS that allows the client to make changes to the site themselves if required.

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