Sydney Therapist

This site we built for my¬†Sydney Therapist client was formerly an html site which had not been updated for a long time, so it was essentially a rebuild with added content. Though my client was happy with the design he already had, which we did not change but simply ‘cloned’, he wanted the site rebuilt in WordPress to take advantage of it’s SEO benefits as well as to make it easier for his staff to add new content using the WordPress dashboard and built in CMS.

We also created a Youtube channel for my client, and created several new posts on high-interest subjects in his niche on the website. Each of these posts was properly named and tagged for SEO, and embedded one of our newly created Youtube videos.

Everything we did had the goal for my client of higher search engine rankings and more traffic and interest in his practice.

Shortly after we set this all up and started driving traffic to the website, my client was made SEO of the Australian Hypnotherapists Association. He was then offered a one hour radio programme on the ABC answering listener questions on hypnotherapy, which went so well it has become a regular thing.

I believe this is not coincidence of timing, but a direct result of raised interest in my client though the deliberate business internet marketing campaigns of SEO and video marketing which we implemented to promote both his business and his personal brand.

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