Audio Therapy

Audiotherapy was a rebuild we did of an html site that was previously using an e-commerce package which charged the client monthly, and was costing them a fortune.

We rebuilt the site in wordpress using an e-commerce plugin, which means firstly no more ongoing monthly costs for my client, and secondly an easy to use CMS interface that the client can easily update themselves.

We also created mp3 versions of the CDs, so that global clients or clients who prefer digital delivery can get instant and automated fulfillment of their product and play it on their iPods, instead of waiting for a physical CD to arrive in the post. This process has freed up the client’s time, so they are not spending so much time taking physical CDs to the post office.

WordPress also has many SEO advantages, and the site is getting free traffic from search engines, simply from good on-page optimization and the use of some clever SEO plugins which we installed for our client.

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