Accounting Website Design

This accountant website was a site re-design for Sydney Accountant client Karva Wong.

Prior to our redesign, the site looked plain, had formatting issues, and was hard to navigate, none of which helped the perception of my client’s brand as premium by visitors to his website.

Here is a screenshot of the site before:

As you will see in the after version below, we restyled the banner, logo and navigation menu, formatted the text on the site for a consistent look and feel, adjusted the font and logo colours, inserted other logos and styled some of the home page text into feature boxes.

On the internal pages, we also retouched Karva’s portrait image to make it ‘pop’ and also match the colouring and feel of the website, which if you compare it to the original in the ‘before’ shot, you will see is a great improvement.

I continue to get emails from Karva telling me about all the great feedback he is getting from his ‘new’ website, as well as a lot of clients he has referred to me, who have seen his new website and want me to make them one one like it!

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  1. Gaik Ose says:

    I like the new banner design for the page header.

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